Sunday, August 10, 2014

Impressions from Confitura conference talk

I gave a talk on Software Archeology at this year's Confitura, hosted at the historic buildings of the Warsaw University. Confitura is ran by volunteers and has its roots in the Warsaw JUG. Talk proposals are voted on by the community and then rated by the attendees. All talks are recorded on video and will be published in batches over the next few months. There are two meals and a limited attendance party afterwards. All of this is free to attendees, paid for by the sponsoring companies, and yet the atmosphere is very low key and non-commercial. The whole event is smoothly run. The organizers set the bar quite high: 1400 attendees, voting, feedback and videos are nothing to sneer at.

I went to the conference to see what the Polish software scene was like, and came out quite impressed. I spent much of the time talking to other attendees, so I did not get a chance to see too many presentations. My personal favorite talk was on implementing Bob Martin's framework agnostic architecture in practice by Andrzej Bednarz. It is the sort of original work that moves our discipline forward.

My talk had over 200 attendees, and was hosted in one of the smaller rooms. It did not rate at the top 10, but scored well above average. Considering that it's a niche subject, and perhaps the presenter still needs some smoothing around the edges (it was only my 4th talk), I am delighted to have made it interesting to the 26 people who gave the talk the highest score. Time frame being short, I decided not to present any new research, although I have been working on applying the active set of classes concept to Apache codebase, and should have some results to post on here shortly. For now, here are the slides from my talk (in Polish).

Edit: time to post link to the video (Polish). It's been out for over a year.

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